What does your art say about you?

For art lovers, nothing stirs the emotions like viewing original art for the first time. Art can be strongly personal and much research has been carried out into the psychology of great artists to try and discover where their style and inspiration originated. In numerous instances, a life event or lifestyle choice can be suggested as the defining factor in an artist’s approach.

Brush in Paint

However, what does the art we enjoy as viewers say about our interests and personality? A survey of 2000 people carried out by the Affordable Art Fair showed that one-third of fair-goers believed art was the best way to enhance the mood of a room and express their personality. So the art we enjoy is a reflection of us, could this be investigated further?

In short, yes. Research conducted by Goldsmiths College and the University of London found some interesting results on an Impressionism to Cubism spectrum. Fans of Impressionism were deemed to be the most agreeable and conscientious, but also the least open, whereas the large majority of extroverts preferred Cubism.

This perhaps is not too surprising for the majority of you. Take a look at any of Monet’s fine works of Impressionism and you can’t help but “agree” with it. It is a soothing snapshot of peacefulness – beautiful, but incapable of shock. Contrast this with a piece by Picasso, which immediately requests more effort from the viewer in deciphering what they see. Cubist works tend to be more bold and striking, or extroverted if you will, but you cannot deny that they present a starker and more open portrayal of the scene.

There is undoubtedly a link between the art we choose and our personalities. This is how art attaches itself to our thoughts and feelings and makes that “connection” with us. We can also thank this link for the diversity and disagreement we have throughout art today. For each personality, there is a different type of art and as with many of the beautiful things in life: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

So that being said, what do you look for in your search for original art for sale? Perhaps browse our site and consider whether the art you are drawn to reflects your personality? Are you a Cubist extrovert, an agreeable Impressionist or making your own brush strokes somewhere down the middle?

Our collection of affordable art is carefully selected by our experts and aims to cover every preference and therefore, of course, personality. The artists we represent produce high-quality, original art across the whole spectrum, from abstract to still life, and all at an affordable price. However, if you still feel your personality is not getting the connection it deserves, remember we can also organise the commission of your very own original work of art.

Art is a fantastic way to make any space truly personal. What does your art say about you?

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