Riding As a New Hobby

This year I wanted to expand my horizons and take on some new hobbies. I took some suggestions from my friends, but they mostly gave me hobbies that were aimed at old people, like knitting and scrap booking. I needed something with a little more excitement. Later, I was watching a horse race on television and got the idea to go to one of the local horse racing syndicates and train to be a horse rider. The horses and the riders look like they have a lot of fun running around on the track.

The horses looked a lot smaller when I watched them on television. I was shocked at how big the horses actually were when I went to the syndicate. They had powerful muscles that really stood out. Despite being so big and powerful, the horses were actually pretty gentle and calm. I petted one of the horses and he shook his head and snorted some air. It’s mannerisms were pretty funny to see. My trainer helped me get on the horse for the first time, and we did a slow trot around so I could get a feel of the horse. From the top of the horse, I felt like an army general riding on a battlefield.

As time passed, I started going faster with the horse until I reached the point where I could hold onto it and ride at top speed. It’s similar to riding on a motorcycle, only there is a lot more power that you feel with each step the horse takes. We transitioned to jumping over hurdles. I was afraid of falling off the horse when it jumped into the air, but I got over this fear quickly. In a few more weeks, I’ll be ready to have my first race against the other riders.