Our Neighborhood is Not Like It Used to Be when I Was Growing Up

We have been having some issues in our neighborhood. There has been drug activity only a couple of blocks away. A neighbor had his home burglarized. We also have a very scary person in the neighborhood that wanders around at night. We cannot afford to move. Plus, there is no saying the next place would be any safer. So, I was looking online for some good CCTV kits. I wanted to have small unobtrusive cameras outside that we could monitor indoors and remotely using an app. This way we could see what is causing some of those noises in the night.

The wandering person at night is creepy, but there has not been any trouble yet. The drug dealers and users up the street are what has everyone nervous. They will burglarize homes to feed their habits. I have never seen so many people hooked on things in my life. Middle age and elderly people too. It is ridiculous. The majority of people here are good working people with families. We just have a few troublemakers that make it so people are getting alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

CCTV kits are not hard to install. You have to run some cables. However, if you can use some simple tools and have a rudimentary knowledge of how your home is built, you should be able to safely route cables through walls. I use a metal wiring snake to make it easier. I plan on covering every exterior angle with a kit of seven cameras. Since they are so inexpensive nowadays, we can finally afford them. They will definitely act as a deterrent too. I will make sure everyone sees me putting them up so word gets around. This sure isn’t the same world I grew up in where we did not even lock our doors at night.