My Niece Wants a Horse Rug

When I first heard the term horse rugs, I honestly thought that it was something for the stable. I thought that it was a rug that was laid down in the horse’s stall to make the horse more comfortable in there. I felt kind of silly when I found out that it is basically a coat. Any creature has the ability to be too hot or too cold, and this includes a horse too. When winter time comes around, there is not a single horse that wants to be stuck inside a barn until the weather gets warmer outside.

The rug goes the entire length of the horse from its chest to its behind, and it is attached using easy to put on straps. This does not make the horse unable to move at all, as it does not inhibit their movement whatsoever. I have seen these in parades that feature different horses, but I just always thought that was a decoration mainly for such an event. I had no idea that it is actually serving a very real purpose, which is to keep the horse warm in cold weather.

I went online to find one, since that is what my niece told me she really wanted for her birthday. She has her own horse and most of her gifts do have to do with the horse, so I really wanted to get her this since it meant so much to her. I ended up getting her a fleece and mesh rug because it stated that it would keep a horse warm but not impede airflow in any way. It also has good reviews for the ease in putting it on a horse. My niece is a small girl, yet I knew she would have no problem after reading up on this horse rug. I cannot wait to give it to her!