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Stock photography is one of the most responsible things that have come out the collaboration of social media networks and photography. There was a time when people could be sued in court, and for good reason, because they took off photos from the internet and used them for their own purposes. When it comes to photography, people need to understand that the liability is as much and the theft is as serious as stealing an artist’s work or someone’s music or copyright infringements. The internet is rife with such threats and photographers have to deal with them every day.

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Why you should join Dollar Photo Club

However, with the advent of stock photography, you can say goodbye to lawsuits. You can use photographs for making graphics and using them in your projects with a clean conscience because you have paid for them. The Dollar Photo Club is in line with big names like Fotolia. DFC and others offer people with stock photographs at the lowest price possible – $1. The benefits of choosing stock photos from DollarPhotoClub are many. You can visit for more recommendations. The following are the reasons why Dollar Photo Club should be your choice for purchasing stock photographs –

  • Top Quality – The collection of stock photos at DollarPhotoClub is as astounding as Fotolia or any such other huge names. The quality considerations are strict and their royalty free collection leaves you with various quality options to choose from. You can choose small resolution pictures and medium resolution pictures from anywhere but with this service, you get photographs of XXL quality. Imagine the impact such clear and top quality photographs will have on your project. The results would be so much better and they would directly influence how you are able to portray your talent with graphic, poster making and similar project creation.
  • Astounding Variety – Most stock photo websites start big and fizzle out within a few months. However, DFC has a strong commitment towards the satisfaction of its users. Thus, every week, you get to enjoy upwards of 100,000 images that adhere to the same standards of quality and creativity as others. They have a premium collection which consists of vectors and photos of astounding variety plus quality. All you have to do is to let your creative juices flowing as you browse through their amazing collection and let your imagination take you where it wants. Creative projects are definitely under your belt, thanks to this varied collection.
  • Simplicity Membership – You know what turns most people off when they decide to go the stock photo way? The complications in getting memberships at stock photo sites. There are so many options and so many choices when it comes to memberships that instead of being an advantage, they completely turn you off to invest in such an account in the first place. Not DFC though. They have a simple choice between monthly and annual VIP membership. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges or commitments because there are none. The new feature that they have introduced for Everlasting Downloads that never end or expire is a true benefit of the membership.
  • Exclusivity – Everyone loves being part of exclusive clubs. There is something adventurous about being part of such a club and Dollar Photo Club gives you exactly that. There are certain features that only approved members can enjoy. The prices are straightforward but the images are exclusively available to the special members of DollarPhotoClub. High value partners regularly update offers and select benefits for the members. These are many reasons why this club is the best and most quality photo club but it is their consistent and reliable performance that sets them apart.

Every photo at $1, no matter what size, resolution, type or style – how many other clubs can offer this? So, don’t wait and get your membership soon. If you need any more info about this exclusive stock photo club, then visit

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