It All Tastes So Real

When I first tried getting into vaping, I didn’t really care for any of the flavors that were being sold on the market. These flavors all had an artificial taste, which was to be expected, since it was artificial, but I didn’t want the taste to be so noticeable. Every flavor liquid was just so unappealing to me, and I stopped and went back to smoking. Some years have passed, and now the tobacco liquid that is available is much better. They do a better job of masking any artificial taste, so everything is almost as real as if being presented with the real item that produces the flavor.

Since the flavor of tobacco is easier to make in liquid form than ever before, I haven’t bothered to go back to smoking cigarettes. It was a nasty habit that I started in high school because a couple of my friends were doing it. They offered me a cigarette, and initially I said no, thinking about all of those anti smoking ads that I had seen on television. The peer pressure from my friends was enough for me to start, and I smoked for many years, while picking up all of the bad health problems associated with it. I woke up with a cough every morning, but I didn’t care.

One day I got tired of the cigarettes and made attempts to quit with gum and then vapor, but returned to the cigarettes. Breaking the need to reach for the cigarettes was hard, but I was able to switch to the vapor and never looked back. Now when I see other people smoking actual cigarettes, I think about how weird I looked while I was doing it, and how everyone around me was probably tired of smelling the same smoke smell every day.