Increasing Your Photography Packaging Supplies on a Budget

If you are looking for quality products for your photo packaging needs, does it mean that you have to spend a lot of cash? Not necessarily. These days, there are so many avenues for professional photographers to buy high quality materials on a tight budget. If you want to save up on photography supplies, here is an article that will teach you useful techniques in doing that.

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Surf on Social Media

The internet offers a variety of ways of finding nifty supplies at a low cost. Oftentimes, online stores hold clearance sales and special events that give 20% or even 50% discounts on their selected items. Sometimes, they even offer discounted shipping fees even if places outside their country. What you want to do is see if these retailers have social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook. Most companies do promotions on social media so they can get more followers. It also does not hurt to subscribe to their online newsletters and email alerts. Another method is to promote their products. Why not write a review about their items? Who knows, they might even give you free samples.

Use Folios

A folio is a special packaging for photographers for marketing and advertising their pieces in a cost-efficient manner. They contain a collection of all the best images and popular images the photographer has to offer. They are easy to display and transport to different locations. This also helps with your brand so make sure your folio clearly displays your logo and stay consistant with your company image.

Be Eco-friendly                                           

Aside from helping the planet become a cleaner place, eco-friendly materials are also budget-savers because they have low production costs and are very easy to make. When buying boxes, portrait folders, or other embellishments, ask if they are made from recycled, reusable, or biodegradable materials. Examples of this one are raffia ribbons, bakers twine, and raw wood shreds. When choosing recycled paper, make sure that they have a smooth texture and has a normal thickness so it will be easier to print on them.

Embrace Digital Tools

With the proliferation of mobile devices and faster internet bandwidth, people nowadays love to share their photos across multiple social media sites. If you want to save on paper and printing costs, you can opt to offer digital albums. CDs, DVDs, or USB sticks are great alternatives to trim down your production costs. A single disk can already hold multiple files. Since the files are in digital format, you can customize them in more creative frames using a photo editing software.

Memory sticks and disks are quite small and lightweight so you only need to put them in miniature boxes or sleeves. But make sure that you also design their containers to make them more appealing to your customers. Again, another opportunity to showcase your brand by printing your logo on the USB Holders or sleeves.

When choosing the best photo packaging supply for your business, it is important that they are made from fine quality materials so that your clients will be satisfied. However, it does not that you have to spend a lot for these items. It is very easy to find good supplies on a limited budget if you are resourceful enough.

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