I Bought a Great Product That Relaxes Me

When I was married, I was very lucky in that my husband gave the best back massages. He didn’t mind doing it either; however, I am someone who is not very fond of giving massages. That’s not very fair of me, I know. Because he was so great about doing it for me, I always made sure to do my best to make sure to make his favorite meal. Now that I’m single, I had to search for a way to fix my sore back, and I bought a magic wand massager and the main unit, too. I was hoping that I would love it when it arrived.

I have tried so many different things, including opening a door and pushing my back up against the outside edge of the door. That does work to some extent, but if you push too hard, the door’s edge can leave a bruised looking area on your back. Separately, when searching a well-known shopping site, I found a large back massager that uses no electricity or batteries. It is made of plastic, long and curved like a shepherd’s hook. There are round knobs on the end of the curved hook. I saw hundreds of people online stating how great it was, but the knobs were so small they hurt when I pressed them into my back.

I wondered if I would be forever doomed to feeling sore and achy when my new Magic Wand showed up in the mail. I gleefully, but very carefully, pulled it out of the box and read the instructions. It was very simple to set up. I turned it on low and tried it out on my shoulders. That was pretty nice, but I wondered if it could feel even better, so I turned it up to medium. Almost instant relief! I sat down in my favorite upholstered chair, kicked up my feet and used it all over my shoulders while I watched a movie. I felt amazingly relaxed by the time the movie credits rolled at the end. What a great buy!