Getting the New Shop Set Up

We are going to set up a new shop in the coming weeks and right now we are working out the details. One thing I had not thought about is the fact that the insurance company is going to want us to have a proper security system in order to insure the location. I got to wondering if this meant that we were likely to have vandals or break in attempts. Of course we already have some Hikvision cctv kits which we used at the original location and I have learned enough so that I know how to manage the things myself. In fact we used them to catch one of the employees stealing bottles of liquor from us once. Of course the guy knew all about the security cameras that we had and he had fixed it so that they would not catch him in the act. So I had to go in there in the middle of the night and put in a separate system. It caught him in the act the very next day.

The funny thing was that he immediately got a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against us. I could have let them take us to court, it would not have cost us anything after all. This is not America where you can sue people without any basis and have little repercussions. However instead I took a copy of the video and walked it down to the lawyer’s office. Obviously he was not very interested in having to waste his time on a case that he was going to lose and also look foolish while he was losing. The chances are that he would never get his money and so he would just be spending his time on something that was not going to profit him at all.