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Websites and ad campaigns today are heavily reliant on graphics – high quality ones. Obviously, it’s because online viewers/readers demand it. If before, it was all right to just copy anything that you see online, nowadays that can get you into trouble. Not only can your work be taken down, but your website could also get sued and you might even get penalized for it.


This is the reason why it is better to buy stock photos which are all original and created for the purpose of being used for different campaigns – be it banners, headers or website background images. The good thing about stock photos is you can edit or modify them to suit whatever design idea you may have plus you can save money with this iStock coupon code here.

The Versatility of Stock Photos

Perhaps one of the best advantages about stock photos is their convenience. All you need to do is log on iStockphoto and search for the kinds of images that you need. The images are sorted per category and you just need to key in your search phrases or keywords in order to refine your search for the kinds of images that you need.

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with stock images, it is very easy to create an account and start enjoying the benefits. There are different stock image sites which offer a subscription type or membership where you can download as many photos as you want for a certain period of time. Alternatively, there are also those that sell per download or piece. You can even choose the size or resolution that you need for the image or images you are purchasing. Don’t forget to enter the promo code when you checkout to save some money on credits at iStock.

What About the Price?

One of the commonly asked questions about stock photos is the price. A lot of people are concerned that it might be expensive, but really, this is far from the truth. Most iStock stock photos are very affordable and in fact you can get and avail of great discounts for a limited time only. The iStock promo code offers a big 20 percent discount to stock photos on your next credits purchase.

This simply means that you must first buy credits from iStockphoto at regular price and enjoy the discount the next time that you come in to purchase credits. A twenty percent discount goes a long way, especially since the normal discount you’ll get is just 14 percent. Getting a 20% off iStock promo code will mean big savings for you as a company or as a graphics artist. You can even download lots of images in advance while the rate is low – and this isn’t going to be for long. You must hurry and take advantage of the promo because it will only run until 30. June 2014.

After that, the stock photo company will be changing their subscription program and there won’t be any more coupon codes that you can choose. However, until the said date, you can use up as many credits as much as you want and still enjoy the reduced rates.

How to Redeem Your iStock Promo Code

To redeem your iStockphoto discount promo code, you must log in to the site using your account. You must buy a minimum of 60 credits the first time in order to be entitled to the 20 percent discount on your next purchase. The next time you buy stock photo credits, you must remember to paste the coupon code on the promo field in order to receive the 20 percent off on your new credit pack.

The field can be found just before you complete the payment option in the checkout process. The reason why a purchase of 60 credits or more is recommended is because this will give you the best value – you can maximize your discount when you avail of this credit package.

If you’re looking for a good deal for your business or freelance career, you must take advantage of the iStock promo code discount. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to download high quality images that you can use for different business or campaign peripherals and enjoy them at such great prices. You can re-use and re-sell these images after you’ve added your own personal touch to them. This is indeed a good deal that you must not pass up on.


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