Found a Great Place to Lease Postgraduate Edinburgh University Flats

As a student, my budget was extremely stretched. My parents and nearest relative are too far away for a commute to be viable. I would not live in a dormitory for another semester, so I was looking for Edinburgh University flats for postgraduate students. I was looking for the smallest room I could find to save on the rent. I wanted to be in a place with other postgraduate university students because I figured they would be more stable to share a living space with. I was interested in earning my masters and not any student drama you find with freshmen and even some seniors earning a bachelors.

The room I picked from a landlord that has some really nice Edinburgh University flats was the smallest room they had. They actually had the biggest room available when I showed up, but I opted for the small space to save every bit of money that I could. The shared spaces are very nice. The kitchen is perfect for cooking, though I do not do a lot of that. I am okay with soup heated in a microwave and a sandwich. I am usually in a hurry to get to the library, lab or to get some sleep when I can. I have some research projects going that require a lot of my attention.

I am very happy with my room even though it is small. It is a nice clean space with just enough room to be comfortable in. I am working for my advanced degree so that I may afford a home with space for a family. Right now I basically just need a place to sleep and relax a bit in between classes and work at the laboratory. I like it that my small room is clean and sunny. It is a nice place to study, and the other flatmates are decent.