Finding Info on Secure Payments Online

I want to find a cheap and a secure way to make payments over the internet without giving out any of my actual bank details or anything like that. So I am going to try to find a service to do a secure payment over the web and I hope that I can find something that will work pretty quickly, because I am going to need to send out this payment today. Of course, I have an immediate need to find something like this, to make a particular payment, but I have reason to think that I will need services like this in the future as well.

So there is some reason for me to make sure I find a payment method I am going to feel comfortable with using more than once. I want to make sure that they are respected and they are actually offer the type of security that they claim. Those are very important things to me, and another thing is that I want to know if they charge any money. If so, I want to know if it is a flat fee, or if it is a percentage of the transaction. Depending on the size of the flat fee, I would probably prefer it over a fee that it is a percentage. The percentage fees just seem like they have the potential to become pretty expensive.

I am going to keep looking around and see what I can find. I am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to look for a site to do the job I need, before I just have to pick one. I am checking this out though, and I think I found one that will work well. I am going to do a bit more checking into it before I make a final decision though.