Drones for Photography

More and more people are starting to use drones for photography and filming. The reason they are doing this, is because they can get images and footage that is simply unbelievable.

The S800 from DJI is able to support many different DLSR cameras and have been tried and tested out on the field. Have a look at this video.

As you can see the gimbal is a necessary part of aerial photography and it what makes the difference when you get back to the production studio. The is especially relevant if you are filming instead of taking images. Most people who don’t have a gimbal will often run their films though something like Sony Vegas to smooth it out. The results from this are impressive but they do not match the use of a gimbal.

Another greatly important part of a drone is its return to home function. This has to be the biggest concern for people, you can imagine it now, you have your best DLSR on-board and the drone just flies off never to be seen again. This is why the GPS is some important on all drones. The technology is very advanced now.


The main reason return to home does not work properly is because people do not read the instructions properly.

So if you want to produce amazing images such as the one shown below you should start to investigate drones and make a list of the best drones for sale and make sure you look at all the videos on you tube. Main things you want to look out for are to do with the gimbal and the mouting. Make absolutely certain that the gimbal can support your DLSR prior to buying it. However, many of the newer drones can support fitting of third party camera support systems. This means that no matter what camera you are using there will be something available to get you and your camera into the air.

Who can use these drones ?

The application of UAV drones today is limited due to their being no proper legislation. This means that anyone filming with a drone to make money is in fact breaking the law. Until the US government draws up legislation quad copters and drones cannot be used commercially. Having said that their are still things you can do.

It is common practice to film the movie then give them a copy. Once they have it they then need to ask you to edit it; that’s what you charge them for. Once things are sorted out the drone industry is going to gain momentum very quickly and you will be seeing them everywhere.

Get ready the Drones are coming.

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