7 reasons to invest in camera insurance for your New Digital SLR

So you’ve got your shiny New Digital SLR and your busy taking amazing shots, exciting times right? Well take a moment to think about what would happen should your camera suffer an accident or a fatal drop from a height. There’s plenty of reasons why you should consider insurance for your camera, and here are just 7 of them.

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7. You can be more relaxed about the shots you take

There’s no question about it, the Digital SLR can take some pretty staggering shots and of course you want to make the most out of the technology you’re holding in your hands. However, knowing that your camera isn’t insured may stop you from taking those all-important action shots if you’re concerned about it getting damaged. Insurance will ensure that you stay relaxed and get the impressive shots you’re camera is capable of taking.

6. You’ve invested in the camera, you should invest in its protection

Having invested in this tidy piece of equipment it seems pretty nonsensical to not invest in protecting it!

5. It’s cheap!

Camera insurance is so cheap that you’ll barely notice the monthly payments, and the protection of your Digital SLR is surely worth a few pounds each month.

4. You can include other pieces of equipment

With some providers you may have the option of including other pieces of equipment on your policy, and what could be better than complete peace of mind that your photography won’t suffer a delay, regardless of what happens?

3. The professional won’t miss out on much needed work

If you’re a professional photographer than your camera being out of action will hit you harder than most, particularly if you’re a wedding photographer, where dates simply can’t be missed.

Camera equipment insurance can see you with a replacement in the shortest time possible, keeping the disruption to your business (and your finances) to an absolute minimum.

2. You’ve got a chance of recovering otherwise lost photos

If your camera suffers damage of any form then it may be that your photos are lost forever. Having your camera insured means that there’s always a possibility of your camera being either completely fixed, or fixed enough so that those all-important shots you’ve taken can be recovered.

Without insurance you may, of course, still recover your photos, but professional services for this can cost more than a pretty penny, and you’ll be paying significantly more than the average camera policy premium.

1. You’ll get a replacement!

The number one reason to take out camera insurance for your new SLR is, of course, because you’ll receive a replacement should anything happen. Regardless of whether you’re a serious hobbyist or the consummate professional, having the peace of mind that camera insurance provides is not to be underestimated.

It’s also worth noting that without insurance you’ll have to pay for the camera to be fixed (or replaced), both of which will inevitably eclipse the cost of paying the negligible amount for camera insurance each month.

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