6 Tips for Better Photos from Your Inkjet Printer

Once you have bough a quality photo or Inkjet printer together with its computer system, you are ready to begin printing quality photos. For better images from your Inkjet printer, there are a number of things you can do or avoid.

Inkjet Printer

Ink nozzles should not be clogged

Clogging takes place in the inkjet nozzles due to ink. After the ink has dried, it blocks the channel where more ink passes. Ensure the ink does not dry by keeping it moist through regular printing. You can make a point of printing every week, perhaps a rainbow photo or one that uses lots of colours. While you might think it is wasteful, it will ensure the ink nozzles do not clog up. However, if you keep printing occasionally, your photos will always look awesome since the problem will be avoided anyway.

Quality ink

As you might already known, the ink you use to print quality photos is also expensive and of very high quality as well. This is why it pays to buy your printing ink from the right place, particularly from the manufacturer if you can. Some brands might coerce you to buy them and pass off as quality ink, but the quality of your photos will be hampered. Sometimes the quality will be obviously terrible. Over time, the photo will not be worth looking at twice.

Use glossy paper

Using glossy paper to print photos in an inkjet printer is absolutely fine. It is definitely the best and most suitable printing paper to print quality photos through an inkjet printer. However, you might want to avoid printing on papers that appear too thick or too rough. Also, to get the best quality photos on a glossy paper, adjust the various printing options by choosing glossy paper. Do not forget to change the paper size within the dialogue window of the printer that pops up as you start to print. Ink Express offer a good selection of great glossy paper.

Adequate drying

Whether you are using matt, satin or glossy paper, you must ensure the ink has sufficiently dried. In fact, these papers should be instant dry. Ensure the seller has indicated the paper is instant dry. On the other hand, if you ever find yourself in a situation where the printing paper is not instant dry, give the paper about 10 minutes to dry before you print photos on a glossy paper because they usually take a longer time to dry.

Printer needs to be calibrated

If you change the ink cartridge of your printer, it is important that you also calibrate the head of the inkjet printer. Once you have calibrated it, the heads of the printer will remain aligned with the ability to print accurate and crisp images. You can always print a test page once every 30 days to check whether the printer heads are working and in tip top condition.

Print preview

In case you have software that has a print preview option, you might want to embrace it. Once the printing options are set, including setting the size of the paper and printer choice, perform a print preview. Print preview lets you know if the images or text are way over the top or not for the chosen paper size.

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