Found a Great Place to Lease Postgraduate Edinburgh University Flats

As a student, my budget was extremely stretched. My parents and nearest relative are too far away for a commute to be viable. I would not live in a dormitory for another semester, so I was looking for Edinburgh University flats for postgraduate students. I was looking for the smallest room I could find to save on the rent. I wanted to be in a place with other postgraduate university students because I figured they would be more stable to share a living space with. I was interested in earning my masters and not any student drama you find with freshmen and even some seniors earning a bachelors.

The room I picked from a landlord that has some really nice Edinburgh University flats was the smallest room they had. They actually had the biggest room available when I showed up, but I opted for the small space to save every bit of money that I could. The shared spaces are very nice. The kitchen is perfect for cooking, though I do not do a lot of that. I am okay with soup heated in a microwave and a sandwich. Read more ›

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Our Neighborhood is Not Like It Used to Be when I Was Growing Up

We have been having some issues in our neighborhood. There has been drug activity only a couple of blocks away. A neighbor had his home burglarized. We also have a very scary person in the neighborhood that wanders around at night. We cannot afford to move. Plus, there is no saying the next place would be any safer. So, I was looking online for some good CCTV kits. I wanted to have small unobtrusive cameras outside that we could monitor indoors and remotely using an app. This way we could see what is causing some of those noises in the night.

The wandering person at night is creepy, but there has not been any trouble yet. The drug dealers and users up the street are what has everyone nervous. They will burglarize homes to feed their habits. I have never seen so many people hooked on things in my life. Middle age and elderly people too. It is ridiculous. The majority of people here are good working people with families. Read more ›

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He Wanted to Be in Charge of the Entertainment

When my boyfriend got down on one knee not long ago, I said yes before he even popped the question. I love that guy, and I was just that excited that we were about to start the rest of our lives together. He told me that he did not care what kind of wedding and reception that we have, but he wanted to take care of the entertainment. He is always one to throw a good time, so I was excited to see what he had up his sleeve. He had found a company that does wedding entertainment in London, and when he showed me all of the different things they do, I was just as excited as he was. Read more ›

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I Bought a Great Product That Relaxes Me

When I was married, I was very lucky in that my husband gave the best back massages. He didn’t mind doing it either; however, I am someone who is not very fond of giving massages. That’s not very fair of me, I know. Because he was so great about doing it for me, I always made sure to do my best to make sure to make his favorite meal. Now that I’m single, I had to search for a way to fix my sore back, and I bought magic wand attachments and the main unit, too. I was hoping that I would love it when it arrived.

I have tried so many different things, including opening a door and pushing my back up against the outside edge of the door. Read more ›

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Using a Drone as a Wedding Photographer

Go big or go home is the attitude of many people these days, especially engaged couples. That is why some of them are choosing to forgo the traditional wedding photographer and instead rent a drone to fly over their outdoor wedding and take shots from an angle a human wedding photographer could never achieve.


While some couples might be worried that a drone flying over their wedding would be so loud the wedding would be impossible to hear, technology allows them to hover silently over your ceremony. Professional wedding photographers have stated that roughly half the couples coming to them are interested in having a drone photograph their wedding.

A drone must be obtained through a professional wedding photographer for it to be able to be legally used. This is considered commercial use of a drone, which is not a violation of the law. Personal use is not allowed, as a drone must have an exemption from the FAA to be used legally.

While the laws governing the use of drones to photograph weddings have not yet caught up with technology, the use of drones within the wedding industry is rapidly increasing.

One of the benefits of having a drone photograph your wedding is that the drone can be used before the ceremony even begins, in order to capture unique shots of the venue. Once the guests have arrived and the bride is walking down the aisle the drone can fly overhead and capture her walk down the aisle. This way your wedding guests are not distracted by the presence of the drone and it doesn’t take anything away from your ceremony. To capture photos of the ceremony, a drone can be positioned towards the back of the ceremony location and a zoom lens can be used to achieve close shots. This can also be useful if you’re planning a grand exit after the ceremony with confetti or wedding sparklers because you can get great overhead shots of the whole thing. Even during your cocktail hour, the drone can still capture overhead shots while allowing your guests to hear the music being played.

As popular as using a drone to photograph weddings has become, the idea is not without controversy. Many wedding photographers refuse to commit to using a drone to photograph a couple’s big day due to liability reasons. Many wedding photographers also feel like having a drone taking pictures of a wedding is simply too distracting to couples and their guests. Others refuse to do it simply for fear of ruining a couple’s wedding and having to deal with the resulting fallout between bride and photographer.

Another reason that not every photographer agrees that drones should be used for a wedding is that it simply isn’t personal enough. Traditionally, wedding photos have been shot within close range of the bride, groom and wedding party and that is what most people think of when they think of wedding photography. Therefore, drone photography is seen by some as detrimental to a couple’s memories of one of the happiest days of their life.

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Vintage Jewellery for My Wedding

When my boyfriend proposed to me a few months ago, I was so excited. I knew from the moment we started dating that we were going to get married one day. That it is happening sooner than I imagined is just icing on the cake. It took me all of two weeks to find the perfect dress, which is not anything like I imagined it would be. It is a vintage gown, which meant that I had to find vintage jewellery. The bridal shop sells some, but I really did not like anything they had.

I decided to go online, knowing that there would be a lot of different companies that sell vintage pieces. I was right, but I also realized that not every online vintage jewellery shop is created equal. There was only one that I found that had the perfect pieces that would match my dress. The bracelet that I got is pearl and silver, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Read more ›

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Preparing for a Photography Shoot

Preparation is everything.  Arriving with all your ducks in a row, can make the move from shutter to print a far smoother process and the results and undeniably better – learn the top tips from the pro’s at

Lets Start with the basics

What to wear?

The first message is to avoid patterns, logos and big designs.  You don’t want the focus of your photos switched from you or your family to Uncle Bob’s bright pink shirt with yellow spots and green stripes.  Even a subtler pattern can create a bleed or fuzzy effect on camera – so steer clear!


Logos and big character clothing can easily distract again, but they also date your photographs.  The 5 year old with an Elsa shirt may love it now, but then a month later it’s all about Belle.

Picking a simple range of colours for you family can ensure a well balanced pic; whether thats pastels, earth tones, monochrome or anything – that palette can set make all the difference.  Darker bottoms and black shoes can go a long way to bring the focus to your faces.

The last thing, is wherever possible make sure you’re comfortable.  If you’re fidgeting because your high heels are hurting, or your top button is just too tight – it’s going to show in the pics and make them a little less special.

A little more about specific shoots

Maternity Shoots

34 weeks is a good time to book your photoshoot – as the belly is nice and round.   We have some maternity gowns and props available for you to use, but feel free to bring anything you’d like to use.

Many people like to bring an ultrasound photo or baby shoes/socks to pose for photos with – so make sure you remember those.  If you know the gender, some mothers like a pink or blue handprint on the belly too.

For best results, aim for a natural look – minimal make up and simple hair.  If you have any concerns about roots, spots or dark circles – give your photographer a call to discuss how your photos can be edited after instead of piling on concealers.

Newborn Shoots

Without doubt, the most precious resource in a newborn shoot is patience.  Everything runs on a schedule of someone less than 14 days old, so wont necessarily be a fast or smooth operation.

Getting baby ready is a minor process.  Trimmed nails and clean skin is about the sum of it.  If your baby has cradle cap or dry skin, try to comb the flakes out of any hair and give baby a fresh bath before your shoot.

Family Studio & Lifestyle Shoots

This may sound counterproductive – but try not to practise smiles with young ones too much.  They can get to the point where they’re forcing a grimace in trying to give the perfect smile.  We try hard to have fun on shoots, so let those smiles come naturally


If you’re doing an outdoor shoot, make sure you know where you want the photoshoot to take place.  Be conscious of backgrounds and if weather might be an issue.  Naturally dress for the season, being uncomfortable (whether too hot or cold) will effect your photos.

Cake Smash

This is a messy shoot – do not try to prevent that, it’s entirely impossible!  But the messy is part of the fun and generates many giggles which make for wonderful photographs.  Bring a couple of outfits (and baby wipes!) to your shoot, along with any props or birthday balloons/signs you’d like to use.  There’s no real rules to which cake you can get – naturally one the child will want to get into, but aside from that you’re safe.  Many children find it easier to get into the frosting style decorations as opposed to hard fondant or royal icing.

Hopefully this all helps!  Always get in touch if you have any questions – but the final message has to be this: be yourself! Your natural self makes for a far nicer photo.

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How Much Work is Required to Run an E Commerce Site?

I got to thinking about this the other day after I was talking to a guy I worked with. He and I were having our lunch in the employee lounge and he started to talk about having a web page that would earn you a lot of money, but would not require any work on your part. It sounded like a pipe dream, but I got to wondering how far off his idea would be from the real world.How much work is required to run an e commerce site? I looked at the cost of cheap UK websites first, thinking about how much you would have to pay to get a functional site which would inspire the customer to trust you. I can do basic web design, but not well enough to make the site appear the way it needs to appear. The big thing is that you want the potential client to look at your site and not think that they can not trust their credit card number. Read more ›

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Finding Info on Secure Payments Online

I want to find a cheap and a secure way to make payments over the internet without giving out any of my actual bank details or anything like that. So I am going to try to find a service to do a secure payment over the web and I hope that I can find something that will work pretty quickly, because I am going to need to send out this payment today. Of course, I have an immediate need to find something like this, to make a particular payment, but I have reason to think that I will need services like this in the future as well.

So there is some reason for me to make sure I find a payment method I am going to feel comfortable with using more than once. I want to make sure that they are respected and they are actually offer the type of security that they claim. Those are very important things to me, and another thing is that I want to know if they charge any money. If so, I want to know if it is a flat fee, or if it is a percentage of the transaction. Read more ›

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Back Relief from Chiropractor in Alexandria

Every day I wake up and I hurt. It is because my back is messed up and I have no idea what I did to it initially to make it such that I wake up and it is hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. When I was younger I used to be pretty good shape and I was pretty athletic as well. Those days are gone and they are replaced by agony. I have an appointment to see an Alexandria chiropractor in two days and to be honest, I am not sure how I am going to wait until then.

My back is worse than it has ever been in my life right now. Of course, it has only been about a year since my back started hurting in the first place. Read more ›

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